Ride a Snowmobile?? - Are you talking to me?
By Teresa M. (Feb 2009)

Off we go to Old Lard’s Barn Bed and Breakfast (B&B).
A place near Tug Hill to snowmobile and ski.

I didn’t do either, so what should I do?
I guess we could start with a Ski Doo.

A snowmobile at 44 and a woman am I.
The boys started to laugh and I let out a sigh.

This is a man’s sport and you’ll never keep up.
The trails can be smooth, but sometimes they are quite rough.

I gave it a try and it was really hard.
I ached all over and went back to Old Lard’s.

The next day was easier as I gingerly followed the boys.
It felt pretty good to have such a powerful toy!

The story began in Dec. 2004 when I knew *nothing about snowmobiles or what kind to try.

So I narrowed it down in five minutes, as long as it was black, would be the one I would buy.

We went to the dealer and there she was, perched on a rack.
A stunning black beauty including a carrying pack.

Larry shook his head and said, “Hon, that a 600 cc!”
I didn’t have a clue about ‘ cc’s’, but it was black and I wanted the key.

The next few weeks were busy getting clothing to “match” my new sled.
Ladies, really, its not about the ‘cc’s” but the jacket, and a shiny modular helmet for your pretty head.

Ski Doo surely loves me because online, I frequently shop.
From gloves, to sweaters and boots, I can shop until I drop!

I truly can say snowmobiling has made me stronger and lean.
Holding on for dear life to my sweet 600 cc, if you know what I mean??

The last year has brought a change and my sweet 600 has a new name.
She has been rebuilt even stronger for Dylan to ride, he’s a man’s man like his father, so she can’t be the same.

As for me, I have moved on to a new 2009 Ski Doo.
A 50 year Anniversary Special that can carry 4, 3 or 2.

Well actually, the new sled is more of a challenge than the 600 cc to ride.
Because it is quite long, it takes more muscle to keep it to the right side.

I think this is Larry’s way to slow me down.
But he insists it will be good when the grand kids are around.

The grandson is 10 months and the granddaughter is 2 days old.
I think it may be a few years, before they will be out in the Tug Hill cold!

I am 4 feet 11 inches tall, weigh 109 pounds, so when Larry tells me to lean with my weight to one side.
I think he forgets, I don’t have much of a hide.

So yes, it can be quite a challenge at times and I fall in a snow rut.
But I rather do that then expand the size of my butt.

This is one of the best work outs a girl can do
The bumps you ride over will break up a lump of cellulite or two.

A caloric workout and my arms and legs are stronger too.
And with each passing mile and bump, you will burn quite a few.

When you get past all the technical stuff, like where is the on/off toggle.
You can make it onto the trails and see things that will mind boggle.

I’m not talking about some of the tricks I have done without even trying.
Like hitting a ‘mogul’ and doing a hand stand, which believe me, makes you feel like you are flying.

No, I am talking about the beautiful glistening, powdery snow covered trees and sparkling tiny brooks.
Along the winding long trails, that deserves second looks.

Enjoy the brisk air after a lake effect snowfall and a serene ride at dawn.
You will surely see a white owl, quail or a deer with a fawn.

Stop for a nice lunch at one of the many restaurants along the trail.
And meet with fellow snowmobiles to hear their snowmobile tales.

So ladies, if you think that snowmobiling is only for the men.
You need to listen to me and step back and think again.

The owners of the Old Lard’s B&B will inspire you too.
As Leona has said to me, “You try your best and do what you can do”.

So at the end of each beautiful day I return to the B&B.
To a warm, cozy room and a cup of hot tea.

Leona and her family make it feel like home.
So even if the boys are out “riding and ratting” without me, I never feel alone.

I have grown to love the Chereshnoski crew
And if you visit Old Lard’s Barn B&B, I am sure you will too!

(*Disclaimer: I still know nothing, but “fake it until you make it” works like a charm. Just make sure someone adds some kind of special oil (the kind in the black bottle) and premium gas to the sled “Snowmobile” prior to trying to ride. A small flash light is also handy to have - you can keep that in your sleds rack ‘carrying’ pack along with your makeup, hair brush and a nice hat - a Ski Doo hat is recommended if you ride a Ski Doo. If you ride another type of sled, then it is best practice to match all accessories (hats, jackets, etc) to your sled type. Keep in mind the color schemes of your sled and make sure you buy only matching accessories. I think the biggest Snowmobile faux pas is to have a miss matched color scheme. Unfortunately, since this stuff is pretty $$$$$, it may take a few seasons to get everything you need, hang in there, it will all come together eventually.)

This poem is in dedication to Jim “Larry” C.
“There was a time I hated the winter months and in 1996 I was diagnosed with MS. I was depressed and felt full of stress. When I met Larry “Jim” he suggested to me to try to snowmobile. I am grateful he did, because it has given me a different perspective on life and brought experiences and people into my life beyond my wildest dreams!”