After the snow on Saturday cleanup operations began in earnest on Sunday morning. The rest of the Northeast was calling this a Blizzard
we call it another day on Tug Hill.
Always a good sign for snowmobilers!! This is the Cedar Pine groomer crossing our back meadow.
The Brecks and their party gambled and drove up Friday from Tunkhannock PA, They were rewarded with snow most of the day Saturday and cold cold temps.  Hope your stay was enjoyable and hope to see you folk's again.
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Vinny or Tommy  find some air at the top of the big hill behind the barn--what fun!!

Here they are again!!!
This was the problem all along, Leona was late hanging out the "Let it snow" flag!!
The President's Week-end holiday found snowmobilers flocking to Tug Hill to take advantage of our excellent conditions.  Here Kevin and Eillen Roosa, left and their two boys, right line up with Matt & Jodi Beers and Lorne & Deb Kresge to kick off a day of fantastic riding on the hill. They were not disappointed
Cortney and Chelsey are enjoying a tube ride down the hill behind the units. Maybe someone will pull them back up with a snowmobile.

3 generations of the Priest and Frank families spend quality time riding during winter break on Tug Hill.

Colleen & Jeff Smith:  Darn!! Time to load up and head home after a few days of R & R on Tug Hill.  

  Taking off from the B & B for a beautiful day of trail riding on
the hill.

Guess who? Leona isn't sure which group this is let us know!!!

Dave & Joy Sweicki became regulars this year--already booked for next.

The VanHandel family from New Jersey enjoyed the trails and their stay on Tug Hill.

Rachel enjoyed sledding on the hill.

The Louis Kinney family arrived late due a storm and are leaving early due to the weather forecast

3/12/05 Lorne and Deb Kresge came back up for some late winter sledding, Here they are getting ready to take off for Stillwater Saturday morning.

The Kresges have been the die hard riders this winter here they are with some friends who are trying snowmobiling on Tug Hill for the first time.

The Beers and Haladas were up this weekend here they are unloading Saturday morning.