Kelley, Schally, Jeri-Lynn and  Heather out riding with Dylan who was up riding with his family on New Years Weekend

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We had a group of fella's from Eden, N.Y. stop in looking for a place to stay on Sunday they rode most of that day stayed in one of our Efficiency Units overnight and rode a good part of the day today (Martin Luther King Day)
John and Tony were looking for a place to stay Sunday as well
Leona put them up in a room in the house they got up this morning had a good breakfast and headed back home to North Tonawanda.
A couple of our regulars the Kresges were up this weekend they brought some friends and I apologize but I didn't get their names hey Lorn drop me a line and clue me in wiil ya'. It's always good to see you guys and I'll let you know as soon as we see the white stuff falling!
Carl and Mike stayed in the house Sunday night after a long hard night of riding here they were loading up the sleds to head home.
Rich and Randy VanAuken from the Albany area had beautiful weather for their Tug Hill visit. Rich made a purchase on the Hill ... nice sled!

Guys chewing the fat in the living room.
Dylan from New Jersey had lots of fun.

Carl Newlin and friends from the Albion area of Western NY, getting sleds gassed up and ready to go.
Karen and Dan Riggal had two days of riding Tug Hill trails, which can be accessed right out in the back lot at Old Lard's Barn.
Dick and Judy Carpenter hook up their survival gear and head for camp.

Brian Knapp and his friends stayed at OLB and enjoyed their visit and ride. Thanks for the referral, Brian.

M/M Jason Mears from New Jersey here for an extended stay--hoping for some good trails.

Rich and Randy VanAuken from the Albany area had beautiful weather for their Tug Hill visit.

The Hale Brothers came from Williamsport PA for a taste of Tug Hill Snowmobiling.
The Gutberlet family made a snowman--they named it "Old Lard".
Gutberlet family taking off for a day of snowmobiling in Osceola.
Greg and David hosted Dan and Barry and enjoyed the family camp in the woods.
Some colorful cats stopped in to visit the Burris party--Brian Knapp and friends.

View from the back of the B&B across meadow and snowmobile trail to the woods
Scott Reynolds & son and their friend from Rochester area--ready to ride!!
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