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Dick and Judy Carpenter have been storing their sleds here for several years now. They even have their own parking spot! They drive up from Canastota fire up the sleds and ride to their camp down near Osceola and Chris John Hill.
Here is Greg Waser and his group ready to head out for a days riding on Friday January 26
Frank Monenburger is one of the BARNSTORMERS that's how he knew it was time to ride on Tug Hill here they are ready to go on the Friday morning.
Groomers went by twice today here is the Osceola Snowmobile Clubs Groomer about 11 am on the 26th.
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This is a picture of the yard the week Lake Ontario ended up in our yard in the form of snow it was around three feet that week and didn't stop after that!
Mark Bardeen and his group were up to put some miles on their sleds, here they are getting ready to take off, Thanks Mark for staying with us!
Howard and Vinnie were back to stay with us,
 and got plenty of snow to play in.

Jeff and Colleen Smith and their friend were here to ride here they are ready to take off on their SKI-DOOS!