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Many of our items have the Old Lards Barn Logo 
below are close ups of the logo
Gray Hooded Sweatshirts the good heavy kind for Osceola Winters just click on your size to order
Navy Blue Hooded Sweatshirts with the heavy hoods that keep the snow from going down the back of your neck!
Gray Sweatshirts great for layering for a day of riding in the cold or lounging around the house on cold winter nights.
Navy Blue Sweatshirts look great and keep you warm...what else can you ask for!! 
Old lards Barn T-Shirts good for any occasion whether its dinner at the Montague Inn or Drinks at the Cedar Pines you will fit right in!!
 Corn Bags are the neatest thing going when you have aches and pains (like after riding snowmobiles all day!) They can be used as a heating pad (heated in the microwave for 2 minutes) or an ice pack (by putting them in the freezer).  
Each 10" X 10" bag of corn comes with a flannel pillow case with the Old Lard's Barn logo on it. They are great warm, for knees or lower backs and other difficult places that a stiff heating pad is a problem. For migraines, sprains, or fever, use cold--they won't drip like an ice pack.  Can be used for many things.  Buy two and use one to keep your biscuits and rolls warm on the table and the other for medicinal purposes.  You won't be sorry!! They are wonderful and so safe and easy the kids can do it themselves!!
Corn Bags - $12.00
Dainty 16 X 10" fingertip towels are perfect for the guest bathroom.  Each one features a Old Lard's Barn logo and make a nice gift.  Fingertip towels are a nostalgic item that were a touch of elegance a generation or two ago. 
Old Lard's Corn Bags
Fingertip Towels